Zhong Nanshan’s latest judgment on the epidemic situation this winter

Recently, Beijing, Liaoning, Zhejiang and many other places in my country have reported new local sporadic or clustered cases of new coronary pneumonia. Will there be a large-scale outbreak of domestic epidemics this winter? Can “Double Festival” continue? A reporter from the CCTV headquarters interviewed Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, to respond to current hot issues.

China does not need to ban travel

Still must: wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, keep your distance

CCTV reporter Chen Xuting: “Double Festival” is coming soon. Everyone’s travel needs are increasing. What should be paid attention to in this process?

Zhong Nanshan, winner of the “Medal of the Republic” and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: The demand for “double festival” travel is inevitable and there is no need to prohibit travel in China, which is very different from Chinese travel abroad. However, travel now requires more attention. Does not encourage going abroad. Domestic ones are ok. Of course, some domestic areas are now classified as medium-risk areas. Don’t go. This is also right.

The basic thing is to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and keep your distance. This is still necessary. If so, I think we can still spend the New Year and Spring Festival safely.

The domestic epidemic will not break out on a large scale in winter

Repeated, scattered, there will definitely be

CCTV reporter Chen Xuting: Domestically, some local cases and asymptomatic infections have also appeared in some cities recently. Does this mean that the winter epidemic may rebound?

“Republic Medal” winner and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhong Nanshan: Generally speaking, we say that the rebound is still increasing on a large scale like the beginning. I don’t think there will be, it won’t be. Because China has formed a very effective and relatively strict prevention and control mechanism, early prevention and control mechanisms in the community, these are very good. But you said there will be repeated and scattered discoveries.

CCTV reporter Chen Xuting: Not long ago, you raised the issue of “environmental transmission” of the new crown virus. How should we understand? How to deal with it?

“Republic Medal” winner Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: I think that in several places in China, some local cases have increased. This may seem to be related to the environment and material transmission, but this issue requires our next step. If the substance is infected, what concentration will it be infected? How is it contagious? How to kill? These are all scientific problems that we need to solve.

The most basic are masks, hand washing, and distance, but masks, hand washing, and distance are also an important method to prevent environmental and material transmission. So it seems that the current practice in China is one of these basic skills, and the other is to pay more attention to external inspections. Therefore, we need to conduct more research as a scientific problem, how to find the infection faster, and how to disinfect it with some effective drugs faster.

Many countries have proven that Chinese vaccines are safe and effective

You also need to wear a mask after vaccination

CCTV reporter Chen Xuting: What is the current progress of vaccine research and development in the world and China?

Zhong Nanshan, “Republic Medal” winner and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: China’s vaccine research and development is relatively early, and it is relatively early in the world, but the third phase means that it will be used in the epidemic area. At that time, there were no patients in China. It also took a long time to negotiate, which was almost three to four months delayed. Now we have the result.

Many countries have proven (China’s vaccine), first, safety, and second, what is it? Protective. Then it is too early to have to compare which is better. Because protection is only one of the factors, the quality of this vaccine depends on its cost performance, side effects, whether it is easy to transport, and whether it is easy to store. There are 5 types of vaccines that need to be compared. . Currently used abroad, as well as China’s whole virus inactivated vaccines, these seem to be safe and effective.

CCTV reporter Chen Xuting: Who must be vaccinated? Is it necessary for ordinary people to be vaccinated? Don’t we need to wear masks after we get vaccinated?

Zhong Nanshan, the winner of the “Medal of the Republic” and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: Of course, the more urgent ones are those who have more international connections. All international shipping, trains, trucks, ships, and medical personnel, as well as the elderly, resist Power is relatively low, these are the first considerations

In addition, should normal people also (receive) seeds? It should be (inoculated). When we produce mass production, it is easier for everyone to establish a so-called herd immunity after vaccination, which means that most people have (inoculated) and have antibodies. . Vaccines are now being used, and vaccines are still in short supply. Therefore, when the vaccine is being used, there is a gap between prevention and vaccine. This “gap” is very important. It’s not right to put all hope in the vaccine now. Even if everyone planted the vaccine, there are a few problems. The vaccine will usually be effective after a month. If one shot is given, three weeks later, we will get two shots. After a month, even if the effect is effective, it will not be 100%. It only took a year for the vaccine to develop, and it was developed in less than a year. Now it can be used urgently, but the best vaccines need to be compared. Therefore, even if you go to high-risk areas or in some dangerous areas in the future, you (received) vaccines will also need to be prevented, and the two aspects can be combined.

CCTV reporter Chen Xuting: Even if we develop antibodies, do we still have to have such prevention and control measures, including wearing masks?

Zhong Nanshan, winner of the “Medal of the Republic” and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: I can’t answer accurately now. But the antibodies produced are a good preventive effect for yourself, so will the antibodies produced be infected? Are there any symptoms of the infection? no one knows. The infection has no symptoms, but no one knows whether it will be passed to people. So this is a new topic. This cannot be a judgment right now.

Post time: Jan-04-2021